Time Clock Software

Timekeeping that fits the way your clients do business

For staffing agencies, business depends heavily on effective time management. Keeping an entire company on track is a big job that presents some big challenges. Peoplenet takes the complexity out of capturing, approving, and managing time for you and your clients. Accurate, efficient, and cost-effective—Peoplenet is time management made simple.

Time Capture

Our software contains a huge list of features, from a variety of physical clock options to web, IVR, and smart devices. Combined with a wide selection of specialized templates, time is captured based on your client’s business needs, compliance requirements, and technology capabilities. Combined with specialized expense software, time capturing has never been simpler.

Time Approval

Needing to rely on a single time clock can be inefficient and risky. With Peoplenet, approving time is easy from the web, email, smart device, or fax. Time can be viewed and approved at a high level or in more detail. Automatic reporting, notifications, and reminders help streamline the approval process.

Workforce Management Console

Peoplenet offers expertly tested Efficient Dashboards and more than 120 detailed reports which provide real-time visibility into data and workflow. These features make it easier to monitor and manage timekeeping processes from capture to approval and everything in between. Our software ensures that your employees and clients are paid and billed accurately and on time, every time.