Expenses, Easy as 1,2,3

Expense Report Software

Record, approve, and manage expenses…as
easy as 1 - 2 - 3

If you’ve ever had to track expenses, you know how difficult it can be without the appropriate tools at your disposal. At Peoplenet, we recognize that staffing agencies are in severe need of such a tool and believe they should have a program specialized to their needs, as well. Our specially designed Expense Tools, created with the requirements of staffing employs in mind, make it easy and inexpensive to enter, approve, and manage company expenses. Used in conjunction with our other professionally created tools, like the improved time and attendance software, you will see a quick increase in productivity!

Expense Entry

Peoplenet provides employees with convenient tools that allow them to enter their expenses at any time, regardless of where they may be. A variety of entry methods are available-fax, upload, or email-as well as a form designed specifically for employees that work for one or more clients which make expense entry fast and easy. More on Expense Entry

Expense Approval

Peoplenet makes approving expenses as easy as entering them. Approvers can easily view reports and related receipts by various categories, such as employee, project, or client. They can also approve or deny expenses, and then determine which of those expenses will be billed back to clients. More on Expense Approval

Expense Management

Peoplenet streamlines expense management with the Workforce Management Console -- a convenient, customizable dashboard that displays time and expense data in real time, at one easy to read location. Approvers can view time and expenses in different ways, depending on the type of data they need, making the approval process even faster and more convenient. More on Expense Management