Incident Tracking

Managing absenteeism and tardiness is an unfortunate part of managing employees. With staffing, it can be even more complex because of turnover and changing schedules (sometimes without your knowledge). But tracking these incidents needs to be done well or it can be costly for both you and your clients. The flexibility in Peoplenet simplifies incident tracking by letting you set the rules.

Automated Incident Reporting

Simply set up your attendance requirements and schedules, and Peoplenet does the rest, automatically reporting incidents based on your criteria. With the Workforce Management Console, you can quickly view each incident and take action, catching potential problems before they escalate. With Peoplenet you get the data you need without sorting through piles of irrelevant information.

Opportunities to 
Correct and Reward

With Peoplenet, you also get features that help you encourage and reward good performance, turning a potentially negative situation into an opportunity for improvement.  You can set up point systems to help correct problems and reward good performance.