We Simplify Workforce Management

When you're in the business of staffing, dealing with high employee turnover and clients that do business in their own unique way make managing your workforce pretty complicated. At Peoplenet, our goal is simple: to develop workforce technology that makes recording, approving, and managing time, attendance and expenses as easy as possible—so you get paid, your people get paid, and your clients stay happy.

Simple to Get Started

No contracts, no software to load, and integration with your existing systems make it simple to get started with Peoplenet. We take care of everything to get you up and running, from customization, integration, and setup, to training and ongoing support for you and your clients.

Simple Products

Peoplenet’s tools are tailored help staffing agencies get the job done right the first time, yet simple enough for anyone to use. With a solution from Peoplenet, there’s no training required, so you can get large numbers of employees to work faster.

Simple Support

Our approach to support is simple: Anyone who touches your Peoplenet system is supported by Peoplenet. Our experienced professionals are there 24/7 to support you, your employees, and your clients, from setup to day-to-day needs, at no additional charge.

Simple ROI

No capital to invest. No cost of integration or customization. No training costs. And you pay only for what you use. At Peoplenet, even ROI is simple!