Web and Mobile Time Entry

Track an employee’s time without having to track down employees

Peoplenet’s Web and Mobile Time Entry is perfect for employees at any location. Accessible via your computer or mobile device, all that’s required is access to the internet —no software to install or support. With comprehensive data capture, you can track more than start and end times, all through a single interface, regardless of the employee’s physical location. A customizable interface also helps you meet your clients’ specific compliance requirements, such as break times, and near real-time access to data means faster processing.

All You Need Is Internet Access

Don’t want to deal with complicated software or extra equipment? See how we can help!

Complete Mobility

Your employees can enter hours and assignments at a time and place that is convenient with our mobile-friendly website.


Each time-tracking interface is designed to accurately record an employee’s time to reduce human error, virtually eliminating payroll errors.


Web and Mobile Time Entry is a cost-effective way to capture time. There is no cost to rent or maintain a clock and no software to install or support.


No complicated software to install and no paper mean lower cost for you. No more hassle tracking missing timecards.

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