The Peoplenet Tempo Clock

A New Approach

Designed around the Microsoft tablet platform, the Tempo Clock delivers a new approach to time tracking. Facial recognition, numerous connectivity options and site level configuration make this the simplest and most robust product Peoplenet has ever delivered. And, remote software updates ensure you always have the latest and greatest product.


Simple, Fast and Powerful

Speed matters. The 2-touch clocking sequence takes only 2-3 seconds per employee and allows them to verify their daily and weekly hours during the punch sequence. On demand texting or e-mailing of detailed timecards keeps employees out of the payroll office.


Manager Freedom

Tempo is multi-lingual and includes written and voice prompts to help new users. This eliminates the Manager from spending time training new users. Additionally, facial recognition truly eliminates “buddy punching” freeing managers from trying to “catch” time theft.


It’s About Time!

Most electronic time clocks just collect punches and transmit them for remote processing. Tempo provides powerful, point of contact processing like the employee confirmation page and the constant view of daily and weekly hours. These not only drive accuracy but also compliance. With Tempo, your employees and managers will say, it’s about Time!

Product Features & Benefits

  • Facial Recognition
  • Microsoft Windows Platform
  • On-board backup to store punches in memory in the event of a power failure
  • Touch Screen Tablet
  • Seamless Integration
  • Multilingual
  • On Screen & Voice Help
  • On Demand Time Cards via Text or Email
  • Compliance with Employee Confirmation



Peoplenet Strengths

  • Access time cards, head count, hours, and dollar reporting via a secure Internet access from any location

  • Enforce shift schedules, manage associate traffic at time capture, and control billing to customer with defined windows around shift start and end times

  • Straight-forward pricing with no hidden costs or long-term commitments

  • Complete Implementation and Technical Support Services to get you setup quickly and accurately

  • Centralized data storage for 7 years

  • 100+ management reports are available

  • 15+ years of service to the Staffing Industry


  • Power Supply

  • Ethernet

  • Wi-Fi

For More Information

Contact Peoplenet at:

(800) 434-9517