The Peoplenet Optima Clock

A fast and easy process for employees to clock in and out utilizing the Optima Clock . All punches are stored on the clock until punches are transmitted to the Peoplenet cloud hosted system. The clock communicates to the console on 30-second intervals, providing accurate and current punch information to the appropriate Peoplenet users.


The clock communicates via the Internet to Peoplenet’s communication server. All punches are “pushed” to Peoplenet using HTTP/HTTPS protocol. There is no polling of the clocks; thus eliminating additional manual steps and security concerns.

Product Features & Benefits

  • Verifies 100% attendance while eliminating buddy punches
  • If fingerprint cannot be validated, camera takes the employee's photograph
  • Dynamic or Static IP
  • Simple to learn, easy to use, and cost effective


Optima Clock

Peoplenet Strengths

  • Access time cards, head count, hours, and dollar reporting via a secure Internet access from any location

  • Enforce shift schedules, manage associate traffic at time capture, and control billing to customer with defined windows around shift start and end times

  • Straight-forward pricing with no hidden costs or long-term commitments

  • Complete Implementation and Technical Support Services to get you setup quickly and accurately

  • Centralized data storage for 7 years

  • 100+ management reports are available

  • 15+ years of service to the Staffing Industry


  • Power Supply

  • Ethernet Connection

For More Information

Contact Peoplenet at:

(800) 434-9517