Time Capture

Capturing time accurately and efficiently is the first step in workforce management. Peoplenet makes this first step easier for you and for your clients with a time capture option to fit any need.


Time Clocks

Every business has unique needs…that also applies to capturing time.

For companies that require time clocks, Peoplenet offers a variety of options to fit any requirement or budget - from traditional clocks to our new Cloud Clock - simplifying the task of capturing time. Our time clocks are designed to fit the needs of the staffing industry. Easy to buy or rent, mount connect, and remove. Peoplenet time clocks make time capture easy for you, too.

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Web Time Entry

Easy, low-cost, paperless time capture

Peoplenet’s Web Time Entry is perfect for employees at any location, as long as there is access to a computer—no software to install or support:  With comprehensive data capture, you can track more than start and end times—meals and breaks, total hours (automatically calculated), and more—all through a single interface, regardless of the physical location of the employee. A customizable interface helps you meet your clients’ specific compliance requirements, such as break times, and near real-time access to data means faster processing, so you don’t have to wait for end-of-week reporting.


  • Comprehensive data capture
  • Customizable interface
  • Faster processing

Mobile Time Entry

Fast, easy time capture from anywhere

Nearly everyone has a smart phone these days, so why not let employees use them to entire their time? Mobile Time Entry offers features that make it fast and easy for employees and you. You can capture more than just start and end times; Peoplenet lets you capture meals and breaks, total hours, multiple assignments, adjustments, and more. With a customizable interface, you can meet your clients’ specific compliance requirements, such as break times. Regardless of location, employees enter their time into a centralized, online location using an intuitive interface. With near real-time access to the data entered through Mobile Time Entry, time can be approved faster. And Mobile Time Entry is low cost—no paper, no software!


  • Comprehensive data capture
  • Customizable interface
  • Time capture and more
  • Faster processing
  • Cost-effective

Group Time Sheet Entry

A powerful tool for capturing time

Email can be a very powerful tool when it comes to capturing time and managing the process as well. With Peoplenet’s Group Time Sheet Entry, employees can be reminded to enter their time and do it quickly—a truly proactive approach that requires no special hardware or software, no messing with IDs and passwords. Group Time Sheet Entry streamlines employee time submission and keeps the process moving.


  • Efficient notifications
  • Efficient time entry
  • Efficient processing
  • Efficient group
    time management

IVR Time Entry

As simple as time entry gets

Perfect for smaller numbers of employees, IVR Time Entry requires only a telephone with a land line. Employees simply call in to clock in and out…no time clocks, no computers…just fast and easy time capture. IVR Time Entry is simple and reliable. Employees call from an authorized phone number and follow easy to understand voice prompts; the system uses caller ID to identify the phone number and clocks the employee in or out. With no equipment or software to buy or support, IVR Time Entry is economical; the only cost is a usage fee—per employee or per hour tracked—the choice is yours. As with all Peoplenet time capture options, IVR Time Entry is efficient. Data captured is delivered in near real time, so your clients can complete the approval process faster and you and your employees can get paid.


  • Simple
  • Reliable
  • Economical
  • Efficient

Fax Time Entry

Simple, streamilned time entry via fax

If faxing timesheets is a necessary part of your processes, Peoplenet offers Faxaroo, a simple, efficient way to process faxed timesheets. With Fax Time Entry, entering time via fax is simple and streamlined: Employees track their time on paper timesheets and fax them to a Peoplenet fax number. There is no special format required. Faxed timesheets are turned into electronic data, which can then be captured by the branch or call center in Peoplenet for viewing, editing, reporting, and approval.


  • Simple
  • Streamlined

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