Time Approval

To keep the timekeeping process running efficiently, it takes the right tools for capturing time, but approving that time needs to be efficient, too. Peoplenet simplifies this all-important step for you and you clients with multiple options, as well as visibility across the system and automated reporting, notifications, and reminders.

Email Approval

Easy access to everything you need for
time approval

Email Approval puts time approval at anyone’s fingertips. Compatible with any email system, Email Approval is a fast, easy way to manage the approval process. With automated notifications, approvers are notified via email with everything they need to approve time. You can also send reminders and notifications if approvals aren’t completed within a specified time. When approvers receive an email notification, they simply click on the link in the email to access the Approval interface...no passwords or IDs, no hunting for a website. With full visibility, approvers can drill down and view hours per day, hours by project, and even the employee’s time card. Once there, they can dispute time entered at the line level and leave a comment.


  • Automated notifications
  • Easy access
  • Complete visibility

Web Approval

Fast, paperless time approval

Web Approval is a quick, easy, paperless way to approve time through the web. There is no special software to install or support; approvers simply log in and approve time electronically. With complete visibility, approvers can access the information they need to manage the approval process. Start and end times, meals and breaks, hours per day, hours by project or assignment, employee time cards, PTO, sick time, and expenses can be accessed from the desktop. Through easy Web access, approvers get the data they need for the approval process in near real-time—no more waiting for end-of-week reports. Faster processing means faster approval, which gets everyone paid faster.


  • Full visibility
  • Fast processing

Mobile Approval

Approve time from anywhere, anytime

Mobile Approval is a simple, online way to manage and approve time. Approvers log in through the Mobile Approval app or website, review time, approve or dispute it…all from their mobile phone or hand-held device. Approvers can see data in as much detail as they need, even from a smart phone. Start and end times, meals and breaks, hours per day, hours by project or assignment, employee time cards, and even PTO, sick time, and expenses are easily accessible. A centralized, online location and intuitive interface optimized for smart devices make it easy to review and approve or dispute time.


  • Visibility from anywhere
  • Easy online review
    and approval

Fax Approval

Automated, streamlined approvals through fax 

For companies that want an automated approval process but want to keep signed time cards, Fax Approval is the answer. Time entry is convenient—employees record their hours through a simple interface by web time entry or by phone. Once Peoplenet has received employee data, it automatically generates a time card, which can then be signed by the employee and manager. Time cards generated by Peoplenet feature bar codes, which streamline recording the time card data in Peoplenet. Signed time cards are faxed to an approved fax number, where Peoplenet uses the bar codes to record the data.


  • Convenient time entry
  • Automated time
    card generation
  • Easy faxing and recording

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