Time Clocks

Time Isn’t Something We Lose Track Of

Peoplenet offers a variety of options to fit any requirement or budget. Our time clocks are designed to fit the needs of the staffing industry and their clients. We make it easy for you to buy or rent, mount and connect. Peoplenet time clocks make time capture easy for you, too.

Tempo Technology

Tempo delivers a new approach to time tracking. With a combination of Facial Recognition and PIN Entry options, as well as numerous connectivity options with site-level configuration make this the simplest and most robust product Peoplenet has ever delivered. Remote software updates ensure you always have the latest and greatest product. Most electronic time clocks just collect punches and transmit them for remote processing. Tempo provides powerful, point-of-contact processing which drives not only accuracy, but also compliance.

Optimum Time Capture  

Peoplenet’s Optima Clock features a fast and easy process for employees to clock in and out. With a combination of fingerprint recognition and facial image capture, it verifies 100% attendance and eliminates buddy punches. The clock also transmits data to the Console every 30 seconds, providing accurate and current information.

It’s About Time

At Peoplenet we strive to remain at the forefront of technology in our business. Since 2008, we’ve offered the Pendo based Time Clock, which features a variety of different options for time tracking. Its robust functionality and simple configuration, as well as remote software updates will ensure that you will be capturing time accurately, as well as keeping up with the latest and greatest functionality.

Time Well Managed

Capturing time accurately and efficiently is the first step in workforce management. Here are some of the benefits that our solutions provide:


Peoplenet time clock solutions are easy to install and use, with an intuitive interface and multi-lingual capabilities.


Ethernet or Wi-Fi*. Always stay connected and never lose a minute.

On Demand Time Cards

Delivered via text or email.


Multiple time clock options give you peace of mind that you are in compliance no matter the work environment.

Seamless Integration

Tempo integrates with any system, and of course with all other Peoplenet solutions.

Near Real Time Visability

Peoplenet clocks deliver near real time visibility into attendance and punches ensuring you always know who’s working.

*Tempo only

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