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Scheduling Software

Simplified scheduling, designed for staffing agencies

Scheduling is not an easy task for any company, but it can be even more complicated for staffing agencies. In an industry where high turnover and constant changes are the norm, a scheduling tool that can help your business stay in control is necessary to have on hand. That’s where Peoplenet can help. Peoplenet offers two scheduling options to fit any environment or situation, making it easy for you to manage a moving target.

Hard Scheduling

Our hard scheduling process allows you to  assign shifts, set grace periods for punching in, and track attendance with ease. Peoplenet will also automatically send notifications in real time when an employee doesn’t punch in within a designated window of time. This will provide you with enough forewarning to take immediate action and make sure the shift is covered.

Soft Scheduling

Over the years Peoplenet has learned that managing a hard schedule in a temporary staffing environment is often easier said than done.  The “schedule management” required on the front end due to high turnover as well constant changes in the volume of employees needed often leads to schedule to abandonment.  Peoplenet’s Soft Scheduling option provides most of the benefits of “hard scheduling” without the painstaking effort of managing the schedule.  Increase your throughput at the time clock; allow your employees to punch in early and identify tardy employees all with Peoplenet’s Soft Scheduling.