Scheduling Shouldn’t Be A Hassle

We offer scheduling features to fit you and your clients’ needs.


Manual management of overtime schedules.


Daily attendance management that ties employee to shift.


System displays who is late, early, or absent.


Ties positive or negative points to incidents, and displays excused and unexcused absences.

Introducing Soft Scheduling. Scheduling That People Can Actually Use.

Avoid long lines at the clock! With Soft Scheduling, employees can punch in or out during the grace period, and we’ll make sure the total worked hours for the day match the shift you defined. Using our flexible pay rules, your time cards will be kept clean. And through our Time Management Console you can toggle back and review “Actual Punch” time. Whether you use Rounding or Scheduling, Peoplenet always keeps track of actual punch details.

Lower Labor Costs

Minimize overhead and maximize your time. Soft Scheduling is the most efficient way for you to deliver results, allowing managers more time to make manual corrections and spend less time reviewing time cards.

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