There are order takers, and there are order takers. There is a difference!

Order Requisition

Does this sound familiar? A manager at the client site walks by your onsite supervisor and says, “I need 5 more people to work the line Friday…” Later, he’s trying to remember the details…or maybe he forgot the conversation and never placed the order.

Peoplenet can help prevent potentially costly mistakes by streamlining the order requisition process. Clients can enter orders directly into Peoplenet, so there’s no chance of miscommunication or forgetting it. The order goes through an approval process defined by your client, so it doesn’t get to you until it’s official. As the order goes through the system, it is time and date stamped, ensuring a clear, concise
audit trail.

Since orders are so carefully tracked, you also get reports on important data, such as Time-to-Fill and Fill Ratio. Reports not only document the orders, but they also help you help your clients better manage their needs by identifying trends and opportunities, reducing the need for last-minute orders.