A data exchange for the staffing industry

Data Exchange

Well-designed software can streamline processes, but if the applications you use don’t talk to each other, you might as well be doing it all manually. Dual data entry creates more work and increases opportunities for error. In staffing, time, attendance, and expense system must be able to exchange data with the other systems in your front and back office.

But what if you’re using a VMS, or a client prefers you use their time tracking system? Peoplenet can fully integrate with any system you use—staffing, VMS, time tracking, accounting, payroll—whatever your agency uses in its daily operations.

A Powerful "Peoplenetwork"

Our workforce technology solutions are the “Peoplenetwork” that connects everything and streamlines operations between you and your clients. Peoplenet is designed to complement other applications so you get the most value out of all of them.

Peoplenet easily captures data from any system, takes care of processing, then sends that data back to any system that needs it. Without the need for dual entry, processes move faster and more efficiently, and you set up your Peoplenetwork to fit your requirements, with scheduled automated data transfer according to your schedule.