Other Benefits

We’re always working on new ways to take the complexity out of workforce management so you can spend time taking care of your clients. When new technology emerges, we evaluate it to see if we can use it to make your job easier. And we constantly look for opportunities to stretch beyond time and attendance to provide complete workforce management solutions.

Order Requisition

Order Requisition streamlines the process of managing client requests so you can get them what they need, when they need it. Email requests can be quickly generated, approved and filled, and you can stay on top of orders, schedules, fill ratios, time to fill, and other important information. More on Order Requisition


The key to running any business better is having access to information that facilitates making well-informed decisions. When you’re staffing companies, reporting is important both to you and your clients, so we provide more than 120 reports covering everything from time capture to expense tracking. More on Reporting


Peoplenet offers “always on-line” access to workforce management with innovative mobile solutions. Employees can enter time, attendance, and expenses into any smart device, and managers can approve it from anywhere, any time.  More on Mobility

Data Exchange

In staffing, it’s important for your time, attendance, and expense system to be able to exchange data easily with the other systems you use in the front and back office, but also with a VMS and your clients’ systems. Peoplenet can fully integrate with any system you use, at no additional charge. More on Data Exchange


Regardless of the process, from capturing time to overtime calculations and state break requirements, Peoplenet drives compliance. With controls as well as visibility and notification of infractions, Peoplenet helps you minimize compliance risk and keep pace with federal, state, and industry regulations. More on Compliance