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As one of the fastest growing Industries in this century, the Staffing Industry has evolved rapidly to meet the demands of how people and companies get work done. A recent survey from the American Staffing Association shows that staffing employment nationally has hit a new record of 3.2 million temporary and contract jobs in an average week in 2015, and continues to grow.

The Challenge: Missing Time Sheets

One of the most prevalent and time-consuming challenges in staffing is time sheets. Many are still paper, or tracked in a spreadsheet. It can be a problem to get employees to complete them correctly, turn them in on time, and get that coveted hiring manager approval when the process is manual. Not to mention, the administrative work that your payroll team must go through to ensure that time is entered, your worker is paid, and your client is billed.

How We Help

Peoplenet provides a cloud-based time capture solution that allows you to use any combination of Physical Time Clocks, Web Time Entry or Mobile Clock to eliminate paper and maximize your efficiency so you can pay your workers and bill your clients with lightning-fast speed. We also integrate with your front and back office systems to ensure that your experience is seamless and the chance of human error is reduced to almost zero. Fast, accurate, and reliable, Peoplenet has a solution that is built for your business.


The Healthcare Industry has evolved significantly over the last five years. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has produced not only change in healthcare policy but also catalyzed the processes that healthcare facilities are required to execute on a daily basis. The downstream effects of these changes have made labor demands more dynamic than ever. Additionally, compliance demands which were already laborious in this complex industry have become even more important to the “health” of the healthcare industry itself.

The Challenge: Labor and Compliance Costs

Labor costs in the healthcare industry are astronomical. The dynamic nature and unpredictability of the demands that healthcare facilities experience make proper workforce planning paramount to ensure that labor levels can meet these demands. In addition to workforce planning, compliance to local, state and federal labor laws add additional complexity to the overall equation.

How We Help

Peoplenet provides the healthcare industry with a customized solution within both our cloud-based software and physical time clocks to ensure that our healthcare clients can control their costs and stay in compliance – every time. Our Soft Scheduling functionality allows our clients to ensure proper staff coverage while also reducing labor costs by 2% — 4% by eliminating time creep. Peoplenet also reduces the cost and ensures proper labor levels by eliminating “buddy punching” through both our Optima Biometric and Tempo Facial Recognition enabled time clocks. Concerned about compliance? Our enhanced clock prompts ensure that your workers are confirming their break time and time worked, giving you peace of mind that the hidden cost of non-compliance is never a reality.

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