Easy Expense entry from anywhere

Expense Entry

Like permanent employees, employees working through staffing agencies often need to report expenses. Peoplenet makes easy tools designed specifically for the staffing world. Regardless of where they are, your employees can enter expenses and create expense reports for multiple clients and multiple projects—and get them to you fast.

Creating Reports

Starting a new expense report is as easy as clicking a button. The Peoplenet web interface takes the employee through the process step by step, with clear options for sending reports and receipts. The report interface makes it easy to create and name reports by client or by project and include other information, such as business reasons, dates, and expense codes. 


Uploading Receipts

With Peoplenet, your employees have several convenient options for uploading their receipts:

Scan– Use any scanning device and computer to scan receipts and upload them to the Peoplenet system—no special software required.

Smart device– With a smart phone or other smart device, sending in a receipt is as simple as snapping a picture and emailing it to the Peoplenet system, which will automatically put it into your receipt bank. 

Fax– Peoplenet even makes faxing easier and more reliable. Cover sheets with bar codes identifying the employee tell the Peoplenet system which receipt bank to send receipts to—no more lost or misfiled faxes.