VMS Data Exchange

If you’re like many staffing firms in today’s market, you probably are doing business with many of your clients through a Vendor Management System (VMS). With over $73B in market share flowing through multiple VMS systems in the United States, you’re constantly seeking ways to be more efficient and grab your piece of the pie. While there are many advantages to working within VMS environments, it’s the work that’s done outside of them that is the most challenging. Peoplenet has you covered with VMS Data Exchange.

Fill More Jobs. Not Spreadsheets

Processing VMS time is challenging and time consuming. Peoplenet Exchange is built around the idea of eliminating these manual steps so your time can be spent on more productive activities for your company. We automate the retrieval of data out of the VMS, the matching of people and assignments with your front office, the flow back to payroll and much more.

Cash In

Cash reconciliation is a big challenge in VMS accounts. Often you don’t know you are short-paid until after it happens, which is typically too late to get it fixed. Peoplenet Exchange brings this data to light on a weekly basis so it can be fixed prior to payment. This not only lets you fix it once instead of every week, but it also helps eliminate margin erosion.

Work While You Sleep

Once you’re set up, Peoplenet Exchange does the work while you are sleeping. We retrieve the files, process the data and identify any exceptions that need your attention. When you get to the office, you are only reviewing the exceptions as opposed to trying to figure out the exceptions you have. All in a single view.

It’s About Time

Most time keeping solutions focus on solving the 80% of the business that is easy to capture. At Peoplenet, we pride ourselves on working to solve the challenging problems so you can achieve 100% automation. This includes VMS and any other 3rd party time capture methods.

Get Started

Don’t waste any more time. Let us manage it for you. Talk to us today to find out why the industry’s leading staffing agencies choose Peoplenet.

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