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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is my username?

Your User Name is typically your email address.

How can I reset my password? Can I look up my username?

Click “Trouble signing in?” and click an option to “get help”. You can change your password or look up your username whenever you like.

I see that I have “No Active Assignment” — what should I do?

Contact your branch or service center and ask for an assignment update. These updates typically take 24 hours to show in Peoplenet. Do not contact Peoplenet Support — unfortunately, we cannot update or modify your assignment.

I’m new to entering time online — how can I create an account?

Click “Create an account” on the logon page.

I submitted my time but haven’t been paid — what should I do?

Contact your branch or service center. Peoplenet Support can see when you entered your time, but we can’t tell when you will be paid.

I submitted my time online and need to make changes, what can I do?

If you see a “MODIFY” button on your weekly time card, click it to make changes and then re-submit. If you see that your time has been approved or your time card is locked, contact your branch or service center for help. Do not contact Peoplenet Support — unfortunately, we cannot update or modify your time card if it is approved or locked.

My time clock is not working— what can I do?

Many issues can be resolved with a reboot. Try this and see if it resolves your issue. If you are using Tempo Facial Recognition on a Dell Venue Tablet we do not recommend you reboot.

I need more help with Peoplenet — what can I do?

After signing in to your account, click HELP. We’ll show you info on how to use Peoplenet.

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