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The Console

To manage a workforce effectively, you need three things: 

1. Complete access to the data you need to make decisions
2. The ability to access the data you need quickly and easily
3. The power to act on that data

Peoplenet’s Workforce Management Console gives you full visibility into critical workflow in real time, enabling you to monitor and manage timekeeping processes from capture to approval and everything in between. The Console lets you spot exceptions quickly and take action, so your employees are paid and your clients are billed accurately and on time. Your users get customized access, where they see only the information they need, full visibility down to the most detailed level, and comprehensive reports that can be run on demand or scheduled to run automatically.

Time Management

The Workforce Management Console provides real-time visibility across all your timekeeping processes, giving you all the data needed to monitor and manage them, down to the most detailed level. Regardless of how time is captured—clock, fax, phone, web, email, or mobile device—the Console presents it efficiently based on the approver’s role. Time can then be approved quickly and easily, reminders can be sent to address unsubmitted or unapproved time, and exceptions can be managed—all directly from the Console. More on Time Page.

Expense Management

With the Workforce Management Console, you get the information you need right on your screen in real time, customized for your role, so you don’t have to sift through data you don’t need. The Console lets you easily choose the way you view expense reports—by employee, date, client, project, approved, on hold, or denied. You can then quickly make decisions and ensure the appropriate people are notified and actions taken. More on Expense Page.

Attendance Management

The Workforce Management Console can be customized to provide you with real-time attendance data, so you can catch potential attendance issues and address them before they become problems. The flexibility of the Console lets you customize your dashboard—by client, branch, employee, or department—the information you need is at your fingertips to manage attendance, PTO, and incidents. More on Attendance Page


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