Manage Staff Proactively, control labor costs

Time and Attendance Management Software

Manage staff proactively, control labor costs

Tracking and managing the attendance of a large numbers of employees is a time-consuming task, especially when you're a staffing agency with members spread over multiple clients on any given day. But it is a critical part of workforce management—handling it poorly can impact productivity, compliance, as well as you and your client’s "bottom line". Handling it well, on the other hand, gives you the opportunity to reward and encourage good performance. Peoplenet not only takes the complexity out of attendance management by providing automated solutions; we also give you the tools needed to proactively manage attendance and get the most from your employees.

On Premise

Peoplenet's On Premise features make it easy to quickly view historical or current employee attendance and identify potential problems. This assists in locating the cause of issues which may be negatively impacting your agency, and can offer insight into methods of improving efficiency. Attendance can be viewed in a variety of ways—from a group level down to individual employees, or by selective categories, such as "department". Missing punches are color coded for fast identification, making it obvious where potential issues lie.  More on On Premise


If your staffing agency offers PTO as an incentive to employees, Peoplenet is also capable of managing this effectively. Just like attendance management for permanent employees, Peoplenet lets you manage requests and track employee PTO data. Having the ability to quickly approve a request for time off while simultaneously applying it to the company's calendar decreases the chance for confusion or misunderstanding. It also increases employee occupational appreciation, as there can be no mistaking whether or not they are expected to be out of office. Combined with an effective expense management software, revenue improvement is guaranteed!  More on PTO

Incident Tracking

Peoplenet makes it easy to stay on top of tardiness and absenteeism. Furthermore, our software offers select features designed to encourage and reward good performance, turning a potentially negative situation into an opportunity for improvement. Employees will feel empowered to create a comfortable work environment, instead of constantly living in discontent while at the workplace. Overall, this creates a situation where more people get greater amounts of work done at a faster pace. More on Incident Tracking

Complete Attendance Management with the Workforce Management Console

Peoplenet makes attendance management even easier with the Workforce Management Console—a customizable dashboard that provides real-time visibility into all aspects of attendance, so you can monitor and manage from a central point. Identify and take care of potential problems before they happen! More on Attendence Management